Give Me All the Gingham

Dear Readers,

Gingham, a wonderful pattern not only for picnic blankets, but for dresses as well. Prior to leaving for Athens, I went shopping, as one does, and stumbled upon this gorgeous dress from Anthropologie. It’s flawless. The pattern is classic; the asymmetrical cut is modern and sleek; and the belt makes it a one of a kind.


Given the midi length of the dress, I wanted to give myself some height for this event so, naturally, I wore my espadrilles. Now, while I did wear heels with it now, don’t be fooled, you could easily pair this dress with flat sandals or Adidas sneakers, going for a more casual look.IMG_3051.JPG


Since the dress is a statement piece in it of itself, I wore limited jewelry— just a simple gold cuff. To finish the look, I matched it all with my black leather satchel, tying my red scarf to it to give the look a pop of color.


I hope you enjoyed this look! May your days be filled with sunshine and lollipops!

Much love,


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