Thank you D.C.

Dear Readers,

          Given the two failures known as Suicide Squad and Batman VS Superman, I never thought I would say this: Thank you D.C. Thank you for Wonder Woman. If you’re looking for a review that discusses themes, cinematography, etc., this isn’t the article for you. This is a thank you letter to D.C. on behalf of all the girls and women who have waited too many years for a film like this.

            Typically, my sisters and I drag my mom to go see the Captain America movies. We didn’t have to persuade her to go see Wonder Woman. Wearing her own Wonder Woman bracelet, Mama was excited to go and so was I.

         As I watched the film, I saw men get up and follow a woman into battle. Let me repeat that, they followed her. A woman. Her courage and bravery and gave them the ability to take arms and fight. It wasn’t Black Widow following Steve Rodgers. It was Steve Trevor following Diana. I cried. I actually cried. You might be thinking it’s ridiculous to cry over a superhero movie. But, it’s not. I saw a woman protagonist take charge without criticism, without being told she was bossy. Just as she did, so could I (not the flying up in the air and shoot arrows part,—I wish, —but the leading part). I could lead and not be called a bitch for my brazenness, but rather be applauded and thanked.

      Throughout the film, Diana, played by Gal Gadot, carries herself with dignity and integrity. Wonder Woman is self- assured and brave. She doesn’t brush-off advice or dismiss men; she just stays true to herself and acts on her own conscience. There isn’t this rejection of a woman’s maternity, but instead an acceptance of it. We see this revolutionary notion (please note the sarcasm) that a woman can be both a warrior and maternal. She comes from an island of women— a magical place where women not only govern, but support other women. As a result, they are capable of incredible things!!!! Diana fights like no other superhero we’ve seen. All the fight sequences are brilliantly choreographed. While there’s fluidity to all her movements, she is, at the same time, unapologetically brash and powerful. Put simply, she is bad- ass.

So, thank you D.C. for not f*cking up.  Thank you for not presenting us a poorly developed, badly directed female superhero. Thank you to Gal Gadot for being brilliant in every which way and embodying girl power.

Thank you because we finally got the superhero* we deserve.

Much Love,


Here are a bunch of photos of Gal Gadot looking like a boss

Here is a sequence of gifs in case you need more proof




*sips tea*

Oh and here’s Chris Pine because Chris Pine


*Note: I’m not saying Black Widow isn’t a superhero, but Marvel has yet to make a stand alone film for her.


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