Carry-on being Parisian Chic

Dear Readers,

   Over the summer I went to Greece, and we had a connecting flight in Paris. I’m kinda/sorta/ am obsessed with Paris, and I had never been. Ergo, I was faced with the challenge of fitting all of my stuff in my bag, not looking like a bag lady, and dressing Parisian Chic (what a struggle to have, I know).


 If I was going to be in Paris for 2 hours, I was going to wear stripes. So, I paired my favorite striped shirt, with my Gap girlfriend jeans, and my Adidas sneakers. To paraphrase my favorite French girl, Caroline de Margaret, it’s comfort and style.


The happiest I’ve ever looked at an airport…


Don’t forget to cuff those jeans!



 This straw bag and small purse was perfect for everything I needed, and I needed a lot. Let’s break it all down into categories: Entertainment, Necessities, & Face.


  1. A Coloring Book: Yes, you read that correctly, a coloring book. Am I considered a legal adult in the United States of America? Yes. Will that stop me from coloring? No. Coloring is fun, therapeutic, and perfect for passing time on three different flights. Mom bought me Secret Paris for my birthday. You can pick up your own here. Don’t forget your coloring pencils!
  2. Book: Persuasion, by Jane Austen, to be more specific. It’s a short book that doesn’t take up much space. Reading is highly recommended if you want to fall asleep. Let me rephrase that, not that your reading should put you to sleep, but it calms you and makes it easier to sleep. Also, who doesn’t love reading? *ignores large crowd raising hands*
  3. My Phone: Need I say more? Most planes have USB ports to charge your phone, but when you’re in the airport, finding a charging station is  impossible. When an outlet is found, you’re fighting in the hunger games to get it. I love my portable charger, specifically this one from Anthro.  (well, technically mine is this one, but they don’t seem to sell it anymore).
  4. Headphones: Over-ear headphones are the best. Photographed here are my Crosley set, but I’m actually going to be investing in an Urban Ear set, as recommended by my bestie and sister.
  5. A Journal: Write down everything! When you’re 100 years old, you’ll thank your younger self for having these memories. Pictured here is my Rifle Paper Co Journal from Anthro.


  1. Passport: Kinda important, make sure you don’t leave without it.
  2. Eye Mask: Just imagine it: you’ve finally fallen asleep, and someone decides to open the window shade- cue obnoxiously bright light blinding you. I’m an eye-mask gal, and, fret not, the plane gives these out for free.
  3. Neck Pillow: Don’t hate it till you try it. I always used to laugh at people carrying these, BUT I GET IT NOW. They’re perfect when you have an aisle seat. This one fit in my bag and was from Marshall’s for $8.00.
  4. Camera: Capture all the moments.  I love filming, so my Fujifilm is on me 24/7.


Note: I travel makeup free. I don’t have to worry waking up looking like a raccoon. Before I land though, I like to put on a little makeup

  1. Face Wipes: Pretty self-explanatory, face wipes are the travelers savior. It keeps you feeling fresh and your skin oily free.
  2. Makeup:Pack only your go-to essentials, for me that is: chap stick, red lipstick, eyeliner, and mascara.

And there you have it folks, my list of carry-on items for traveling abroad, whilst embracing your inner Parisian. See you Friday!

Much Love,


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