You get a Gift, You get a Gift, Everyone gets a Gift

Dear Readers,

Guess who’s back? Me, it’s me, I’m back. In case you weren’t sure. I am officially done with the semester, which means I’m back to writing on a regular basis and a year closer to paying taxes, bills, and reality. Oh, the joy. However, someone today told me, “hey, if you’re paying taxes, that means you have a job.” So, I guess you could say that there really is a bright side to everything.

Let’s be real, gift giving is a complex task. Wonderful, but complex.  As soon as someone says “birthday party,” my brain goes completely blank and all gift ideas vanish. Never fear, conveniently, I’ve made a list.

Doodle All Day Journal: $6.95


I don’t know about you, but I love a good journal. This cute notebook from Anthropologie is perfect for any English major, list maker, or stationary lover. Buy it here!

Emma: $13.53tamaki_emma

Everyone has a book that they love. You can never go wrong with buying a cool copy of someone’s favorite book: not only is it sentimental, but good for your wallet. Buy this copy of Emma from Barnes & Noble!

Madewell Supernova Tassel Necklace: $14.99

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 1.28.17 PM.png

You can’t go wrong with Madewell. This statement necklace is the perfect piece to dress up any summer look. Buy it here,while they’re still available!

Urban Outfitters Hanging Planter: $16.00

hangin plant .jpg

Any plant lover would love a new snazzy hanging planter for their home. Check this one out from Urban Outfitters!

Glossier Boy Brow: $16.00


Glossier has taken the world by storm. How could anyone not love having beautifully shaped and colored eyebrows? The Glossier Boy Brow is the holy grail of eyebrow products any makeup fiend would be thrilled to own the product. Visit the Glossier showroom to buy it or order it online here!

Anthropologie Mug: $16.00


If you have a friend that loves coffee, tea, or hot chocolate you have to get them a mug from Anthropologie. Anthro has a wide range of mugs that you can pick from. Some are as little as $10.00, and whichever mug you pick, you never have to comprise style for price. Buy the Glenna Mug here!

From here on out, the prices are going to slowly escalate. We all have someone in our life that we’re willing to spend a little bit more on, sacrificing those morning coffee runs for a few days.

Linda Rodin Lipstick, Color Red Hedy: $38


Linda Rodin is who I want to be when I grow up. She is definition of grace, style, and refinement. Her lipstick line is no different. This color here is Red Hedy and perfect for any red-lip wearer. Buy it here!

J. Crew Straw Market Tote: $49. 50

straw bag.jpg

Straw bags are just a classic piece. J.crew has the perfect straw bag that I highly recommend. Buy it here!

Daniel Wellington Watch: $169


Watches are a classic gift. Graduation, birthday, engagement, literally the perfect gift. Daniel Wellington makes timeless pieces that you can’t go wrong with. Buy it here!

I hope this had made your gift shopping a little easier! May your day be filled with sunshine and lollipops. See you on Friday!

Much love,


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