The French Girl

Dear Readers,

       The French girl is the it girl. She has been the muse of the fashion world for centuries, and, quite frankly, it’s unsurprising. She is elusive, sexy, chic, and effortlessly cool. And, yes, these aren’t the only thing that matter in life, but they tend to make life a little bit more fun, and who doesn’t like fun. She has been the subject of many seemingly ethnographic novels, like celui-ci, et celui-ci. Non-Parisians happily read the inside secrets, learning the tricks of the trade. And while they think they’ve learned to understand her, moi included, she remains constantly surprising. This, in turn, only makes her more attractive. She is classy and edgy. She is paradoxical in that she remains vintage, yet modern. She is timeless. And I suppose that is why she is the it girl.

Much Love,


My Favorite French Girls

1 . Caroline De Maigret

Reasons: Witty & fashionable. She’s like fine wine, only getting better with age.



image (633×950)

2 . Jeanne Damas

Reasons: Charmingly chic & Intelligent. She’s the embodiment of je ne sais quoi.



Post Script: I hope you enjoyed my little ode to the  Parisian woman, who I, evidently, admire for the aforementioned reasons.

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