A Madewell Excursion

Dear Readers,

Tea or coffee?  Hot Chocolate for me, please. Aside from my overwhelming obsession with Hamilton, in which I find myself crying over Alexander on a daily basis, I also love Madewell.

[here’s an unnecessary  Hamilton Gif Montage, you’re welcome.]

  You’re probably asking yourself, “how does an unemployed, broke, college student afford to shop there?” or “no, seriously, it’s freaking expensive, why do you shop there?” or even “it’s possible to get tickets to see Hamilton?“. I’m sure these questions plague your thoughts 24/7. The answer to the third is no, unless you sell your organs. Putting the woes of Hamilton aside, I present to you my, budgeted, Madewell Excursion.


    Madewell does have sales; in fact, quite frequently I see a 30% off sign in their windows.If you included my student discount, that’s an additional 15% off on sale items. I shop at Madewell because their pieces last; they’re of good quality *finally realizes why Madewell is called Made-well*.  Not to mention, their shelves are stocked with classic pieces. The key to finding their clothes really cheap is to be patient. If you give it a week or two, sale prices drop even further. The latest two Madewell excursions were a product of waiting with a gift card in hand, and it proved to be fashionably profitable.


Shoulder tie Top.jpg

The Tempo Tie- Shoulder Top for $20.81: I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile and noticed that it was slowly disappearing from the sale rack, so I quickly grabbed my own. This classic strip can be dressed up or down. The shoulder ties are adorable, and the cut is perfect. It falls perfectly on my waist, giving me the option to either leave it un-tucked or tucked in. It’s original price was $49.50.

Muscle t-shirt.jpg

Whisper Cotton Crewneck Muscle Tank for $8.93: We all need a casual t-shirt for everyday wear. This mustard yellow adds a pop of color to my neutral colored wardrobe. It’s a perfect tee for tucking in your jeans, paired with cool AF white sneakers. It was originally $22.50

Jean Skirt

Faded Indigo Skirt for $29.75: This was the most expensive item purchased, and I have my reasons. Jean skirts go with everything. It’s another one of those timeless pieces that can be paired with anything: a sweater, white button down, t-shirt, etc etc. It was originally $49.99

Whisper cotten tee

Whisper Cotton Crewneck Tee in Sacramento Stripe for $14.87: I like stripes, okay? This was a much need tee for school days. I know this will last me, so I don’t mind spending the $14. If Warren Buffet has taught me anything it’s that invest once and be in it for the long haul. See mom, high school tuition paid off. It was originally $32.oo

Marled pull over

Marled Plaza Pullover for $17.84: While summer days drift away, summer nights arrive and get a bit chilly. A solution for those chilly nights is this beaut. This heather grey colored pulloever keeps you cozy on chilly summer nights, and, if layered, can be worn in fall and winter seasons. It was originally $79.50.


Rivet & Thread LA Three-Quarter Tee in Palmdale Stripe for $14.87: I have an addiction to stripes.It was originally $48.00


Bandana for $10.63: My justification for buying this was that I can wear it in my hair, as a neck scarf, as a belt, as a bracelet, and even accentuate my bag with it. This was a treat yo self item. It was originally $12.50.

Bien Fait

The Reusable Canvas Tote for $4.25: How could I not? I use canvas bags all the time for school. As a commuter, I’m your typical bag lady and I’m not ashamed of carrying around 500 bags if they look like this. It was originally $5.00.

Now, will I be buying anything in the near future? haha No. I hope you’ve enjoyed this Madewell excursion, and are able to find deals that will make you say “Awesome!Wow!”. May your days be sunny, bright, and filled with Hamilton references.



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