Village Findings: Rhinebeck for a Birthday Brunch

Dear Readers,

     Tea or coffee? I’ll take a cold glass of water because it is stifling here in NY. Yesterday was a really fun day. It was not only the publication of the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, it was my birthday too. To celebrate we spent the sunny afternoon in Rhinebeck NY.

     Rhinebeck is another small city in the Hudson Valley, and boy oh boy is it chic as can be. Now, if you are financially secure and not a pitifully broke college student as moi, then Rhinebeck is an Anthropologie-Antiquiers- High End Hipsters dream place. The main street is lined with various shops: sweets, restaurants, clothes, soaps, and more; however, even me as broke as I am, I always has fun in Rhinebeck. I especially enjoy wandering off to Paper Trail. Not only is it cute, but you can always find a  good deal. It has all of life necessities, like a wax crest stamp and Rifle Paper Co Stationary:

    After you build up an appetite, do yourself a favor and go eat at Liberty Tavern, which can be described in three words: affordable, delicious, and chic. You have the option of sitting indoors or outdoors, where either location’s decorations are on point. It is prime location for an insta photo-shoot. I recommend the fried chicken. I wish I recorded the sound of the crunch; it was heavenly. Vegetarians & Vegans fear not, they did have a vegan option, I believe. Evidence of deliciousness can be found below:

    Then, we went to Rhinebeck’s Indie theater, which is one of the best theaters I have been to. It’s tiny and a safe haven for the elderly and hipsters. Students & those over 65 pay $8, whereas regular priced tickets are $10. That is quite a bargain when you’re used to paying city prices of $14. We saw Love & Friendship, an  adaptation of Jane Austen’s Lady Susan. I highly recommend it if you are a lover of Austen, period films, and incredibly witty writing.

    That concludes today’s writings, and I hope you get the chance to stop by Rhinebeck for some food, shopping, and Indie film!



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