Village Findings: Cold Spring, NY

June 20, 2016

Dear Readers,

   Tea or coffee? I’ll take a hot chocolate. Weekends are glorious for so many reasons: lack of work, lack of work, and lack of work. I say this as if I have an actual job. My family realized some point last year, that we’re creatures of habit and visit the same places whilst in Upstate New York. We’ve decided to start visiting new charming little villages! The first Village Finding was Cold Spring along the Hudson River.

       Calling all antique lovers, this village is your heaven on earth. The main street in Cold Spring is lined with antique shops of all shapes, sizes, and price ranges.  Some shops, like below, are a stylistic masterpiece, an Instagram safe haven if you will. The only thing about these shops is that you can’t bargain for lower prices.

Other shops are piled high with vintage treasures waiting to be found. Here, you’ll be more comfortable to be able to ask for lower prices.

      Antiquing leads to hungry tummies, and there is no shortage of cafes or bistros in this village.  If you’re like me though, and you prefer ice cream to all other foods, you have to go to Moo Moos. Moo Moos ice-shop is near the water, so you’ll have to go under the tunnel to reach it. This ice cream parlor is divine; one scoop is the equivalent to two giant scoops of ice cream. It’s worth every penny. The best part of it all is to sit by the water, looking at the mountains.

give me all the tiramisu ice-cream

That’s it for the first of Village Findings, I hope you’ve enjoyed this conversation; come back soon!



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