A Walking Picnic

Dear Readers,

    Tea or coffee? I’ll take a hot chocolate. It’s officially summer in New York City, which means we’re all melting like popsicle sticks and dreading every subway ride. This also means that I’m wearing clothing that gives me maximum ventilation for breeze. Thus, I find myself frequently wearing dresses and talking about dresses.

    I’ve learned that it’s better to invest in a dress that will last you years, as opposed to buying a dress for $10 that will ruin in two months. So I’ve become frugal with my shopping – this is the part where my family all eye-rolls in synchronization- buying timeless pieces that’ll last.  The dress in question today is one from Madewell that I got for $22 on sale.

My two favorite things: Ice Cream & Ralph Lauren

   I had many reasons for purchasing this dress from Madewell:

  1. THE PRICE: Let’s face it $22 for a well-made Madewell Dress can’t be beat.
  2. THE STYLE: This dress is a shift dress that doesn’t make me look like a sac of potatoes. This can be classified as a perk. It’s classic cut that isn’t a trend, and you can wear for years to come.
  3. THE PATTERN: I hate to be repetitive, but the gingham pattern on this dress is classic. It’s an Audrey  approved pattern, and you can’t really ask for more.
  4. THE LENGTH: Personally, I find that this is the ideal length for certain dresses. It’s long enough that it can be dressed up with heels and still short enough to pair with white sneakers.

    Such were my reasons for buying the dress, and frankly styling this cheeky little dress wasn’t difficult at all; the dress speaks for itself. For a day in Soho, I paired it with my Chinese Laundry Sandals  (I bought mine at Off Saks Fifth Ave last year).Aside from my Madewell Sunglasses, my last accessory was a structured straw bag I bought from Hammertown, an antique shop in Pine Plains NY.

   There you have it folks. A quick and easy guide as to how to unintentially dress like a walking picnic  chic. May you have air-condition and a happy day!



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