Prologue to Comprehensive Travel Guides

May 31, 2016

Dear Readers,

   Tea or coffee? I’ll take a hot chocolate. Hopefully, you’re all enjoying this lovely weather. Now, onto today’s post…..

   THE TOPIC: Travel 

    Welcome to the prologue to “Comprehensive Travel Guide to…”. Comprehensive Travel Guides will be my personally organized, tested, and efficient itineraries for traveling to countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece, and England on a budget. Now, before I can even start the actual Comprehensive Guides, I thought it would be nice to chat about travel clothes. Thus, this prologue was written. Ladies & Gents used to get dressed up to travel; I mean pearls and three-piece suits dressed up.

Vintage Air Travel
They’re playing chess, casual….

   Clearly, a three-piece suit is not what I’m suggesting to wear.The times have changed, and the general consensus for travel fashion is to be casual; however, if you’d like to wear a three-piece suit, no one is stopping you. But, realistically all anyone can strive for is being casually comfortable on the plane (and please dear Lord, no pjs unless you’re under the age of 6).Thus, I  present to you the ideal summer travel outfit:

Road Trip Ready AF Tagged
Ready AF to Travel…

    Whether you’re a lady or a gent, this construction of an outfit is a basic, comfy ,  travel outfit: proper fitting jeans, sneakers, a white t-shirt, a leather backpack, & a hat. Let’s have a breakdown of the outfit shall we?

  1. JEANS: In my opinion, jeans are comfy for long travel. Plus, it’s typically freezing on a plane, so they’ll keep you warm. Here, we have my sister sporting some cuffed boyfriend jeans from Madewell. These aren’t the exact pair she’s wearing, but they are equally lovely and ridiculously expensive. (FUN FACT: Madewell offers 15% off for all students, even when there’s a sale).
  2. T-SHIRT: Folks, you can’t go wrong with a white T-shirt. This is a fairly light-weight t-shirt, so stuffed in her back pack is a pull over sweatshirt. Gap makes  well-made T-shirts at a reasonable price, so I recommend this White Tee, as it’ll last you for years. For a pull over sweater to shove into your backpack, there’s this beaut. She’s currently on sale, and it you’re a student take an extra 15% off- you’re welcome.
  3. SNEAKERS: Now, typically the easiest shoes to wear at an airport are slip ons; it’s easier when  you’re going through security. But, let’s face it folks, sneakers aren’t terribly difficult to get on and off quickly if the laces are loose. Not to mention, you can wear socks with your sneakers and won’t have to walk barefoot in the airport. Thus, white sneakers for the win because they go with ( nearly ) everything.
  4. BAG: Two words: leather backpack. Or maybe three words: vegan leather backpack – whichever you fancy using. The backpack photographed is from a leather market in Granada, Spain (I’m genuinely sorry that that sentence is as pretentious sounding as it is). Backpacks just fit everything and leave your hands free while traveling. If you want to invest in a backpack to last for years, Madewell is your girl.If you’re not too keen on investing so much there’s this lovely option as well!
  5. ACCESSORIES: Please do not be that person who wears every single piece of jewelery they own while going through airport security. Be like Demetra, who is wearing one metal ring. It’s from a thrift shop and it’s quite fun. She’s also got a Gondolier Straw  Hat. I’m not entirely sure from where, but here’s a similar hat for a lovely price.

    Well folks, that all I have to say about travel fashion. I hope you’ve enjoyed this prologue! Tomorrow will mark the first installment of the Comprehensive Travel Guide: ITALY. We will begin in the city of Venice. Till tomorrow!




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