Dress like a Parisian: Part I

May 25, 2016

Dear Readers,

    Firstly, tea or coffee? I’ll take a hot chocolate. Now that we’ve established the first line of every entry, let’s begin. I know, I know what you’re thinking- “Evgenia, I thought you said this blog was going to be more than fashion”. Well, to you sir I say that I said that I would discuss more than fashion, not that I wouldn’t discuss fashion…

    Now seeing as though I’m neither a professional stylist nor a Parisian, I thought I was completely qualified to offer you Parisian Fashion Advice. To set the tone I recommend this cliche song– let the advice commence:

   Let’s start this with my own Parisian Fashion expert, my sister. Her style is the definition of French. She understands the fundamental golden rule of French girl dressing: Classic Pieces. This means button downs, neutral colors, and red lipstick. A prime example would be her brunch outfit from this past weekend:

Stop this perfection. It’s too much.
  1. THE BUTTON DOWN: It’s not form fitting, but it’s not a blob of fabric.It’s loose fitting top with pale blue pin stripes. (Never forget folks, stripes= French) She has it messily cuffed, which gives her this causally chic on-the-go look. Note, that she doesn’t have it completely tucked in, just the front half. There really is no technique to that.
  2. THE PANTS: You can never go wrong with black skinny pants. You can dress them up and down. Here, Demetra has cuffed them slightly at the bottom, so they cut off at her ankle. From what Parisian Chic has told us, this is simply the Parisian way of doing things. Not to mention it’s been Audrey approved, so need I say more?
  3. THE ACCESSORIES: From what my research has uncovered, don’t try to wear every single accessory you own. Parisians are minimalists in that sense. Demetra opted for a thin bracelet cuff and a neck scarf; personally, my favorite aspect of the outfit. Neck scarfs aren’t a ‘thing’ in America. I’m not sure why. They’re pretty fabulous. I mean look at her! Folks, how is this not a thing?  Here’s a pin for some more suggestions as to how to style a neck scarf till we chat about it more.
  4. THE MAKEUP: This of course is completely optional. Makeup isn’t essential to any look; it’s whatever you feel most comfortable with! If you choose to wear makeup, I would suggest a light eye shadow, a hint of mascara, and  a bold red lip. You can’t go wrong with a red lip. Demetra’s currently wearing Sephora Cream Lip Stain 01. Red lipstick=Parisian.
  5. THE HAIR: Parisians are in love with this short wavy messy hair. Annoyingly, Demetra wakes up with her hair looking like this- flawless. If you’re wondering how to achieve such a look, here’s a fantastic tutorial!

    Thus, concludes my first entry. I hope you’ve enjoyed my unqualified advice; if so, never fear, I’m full of it. May your button downs be casually cuffed and your hair stylistically messy!




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