Breakfast anyone?

May 26, 2016

Dear Readers,

    Tea or coffee? I’ll take a hot chocolate. Now, let’s talk about FOOD, more specifically breakfast. Typically, breakfast occurs whilst you’re running out of the house, simultaneously shoving a bagel in your mouth. But, when you have the time, breakfast can simply be the best. So, here’s a Mantikas Household Approved Breakfast for those leisurely mornings….. 


     First, before you can even get out your ingredients, music is a must. This playlist is highly recommended. Be prepared to sashay around your kitchen with these classics playing in the background.


    We’re sticking with the classics folks, eggs. Now everyone prefers their eggs cooked a different way, so whatever floats your boat: scrambled, sunny side up, or omelet. The beauty in this dish is everything that goes along with the eggs. According to my residential breakfast expert, my sister, breakfast is at its best when there are copious components. With that in mind, here’s picture showcasing all the sides that will accompany the eggs:

Breakfast Mantikas Approved
yes, this photo was staged in case you were wondering…

   The bialy is for your fix of carbs. In this case, we’re popping it in the toaster and putting a smidge butter on it. The blueberries add a bit of sweetness to the whole dish, but really any fruit you fancy would work! Next we have the Salami, which you just roll up and eat on the side. Salami is preferred in the Mantikas home, but Ham will do just as well. We don’t discriminate against our cold-cuts.

   The tomato could very well be the highlight of all the sides. If you like, you could just cut up the tomato. But, a nice little trick is to sear the tomato. Cut it in half and once you’ve finished cooking your egg, place the tomato face down in the pan. Leave it flat down in the pan till it colors a smidge.


French Press Approved
This is Gaultier the French Press

    Tea or coffee? Well this morning it was French Press. My family loves their French Press. Demetra loves it so much so, that she has a mini one. He’s pictured above, and she calls him Gaultier. In this case, for one small pot of French Press she recomends 2 tablespoons of coffee grains. Now, I write tablespoons, but French Presses come with their own mesauring tools, so use two of that measuring spoon.

      Steps to prep your French Press:

                                                 –  Boil water

                                                 – Place the Coffee Grains into the French Press

                                                 – Add the Boiled Water

                                                 – Let it brew for 3-4 minutes and then Press Down


Give me all the food.

   Isn’s she a beaut?  Now, feel free to add some cheese to your plate; Demetra opted for mozarella. We also added some oregano to the tomato & eggs along with a hint of salt. Lastly, all I can recommend is some good company. My favorite part of it all is sitting in the porch, talking to my sister. If you’re not a people person in the morn, I suggest a book! You can’t go wrong with good food and a good book. If you’re able, start the day this way. You’ll find your productivity increase ten fold after the food coma has passed. Not to mention, you’ll feel like Kate Middleton with a food spread as lavish as such, and you can’t beat that.



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